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Newest Paint and Sip Opening In Fulshear Texas

We are honored to be opening the first ever paint in sip company to the city of Fulshear, Texas. 100 Shades of Vibez is a standard world-class company established to deliver exceptional product and service with excellent consumer recognition services. 100 Shades of Vibez offers varieties of painting experiences. We love the social component that is mixes with therapeutic activity. We offer food and beverages at every paint party experience. Our slogan is "There are different strokes for different folks!" Meaning dont worry if you are an inexperienced artsit you are our type! Believe me after you have a few sips you will begin to feel like Pablo Picasso! Art is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own interpetation -E.A Bucchianeri

We are definitely very nervous but just as excited for this new adventure! If you are interested in booking private parties for adults or children, picking up a DIY kit, or scheduling time with one of the studio workshops, please visit our booking page. We are offer f